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New Landlords Guide To Buying Their First Investment Property


A get started guide for new landlords



If you are looking to invest in property for the first time then you are in the right place – This guide to investing in property is aimed at new landlords who are trying to figure out where to start with a buy to let property. Here at A.W. Childs we have years of experience in helping new, and more experienced landlords and can help you to find, buy and manage your first buy to let property in Barbican, Clerkenwell, Farringdon and the surrounding areas in the City of London.


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Why Property Investing?

Before diving into the meat of the process, it is worth taking a look at why it is still a great time to invest in property. With interest rates still low (though now slowly beginning to rise) there is still an opportunity to to borrow money cheaper than you have been able to historically, inversely, savings accounts have rarely returned so little to investors. The stock market is also fairly flat and speculators are expecting a “correction” in the near future and it may not be the best time to commit to shares.

It seems counterintuitive, but property investment may indeed be one of the safest investment options available, especially if you are a cash buyer. The property market in London offers a unique environment, especially for landlords, as many young professionals are now choosing to rent homes rather than buy, the returns for landlords have continued to rise.


The Buying Process

Clearly to become a landlord you will need to buy a property. Check out our properties for sale here for a look at the properties that we currently have available for sale. We try to provide as much detail as possible on our property listings but if you have a question about any of our properties then please get in touch – we will be happy to help you in any way that we can. We learn as much as we possibly can about the properties that we sell and manage and can offer extended detail as required. We also offer area guides that can help you to understand and get a feel for the areas in which we operate. We can also offer you viewings to our properties and provide you with all the information that you need to make an informed decision.

OK, so you have located your buy to let property, what next? At this stage you will need to make an offer on the property and if accepted be able to finance the transaction. From this point we will do all that we can to facilitate the sale and act as the go between for you and the vendor. Upon completion, we will make sure that everything is in place to ensure that the transaction progresses as smoothly as possible. You will notice that we take our customer service seriously, it is the common theme in many of our reviews, so please, if you need anything at any time, call us, we will be more than happy to assist you.


Landlord Management

So now you have the keys to your first buy to let property – it is decision time, manage the property yourself or use landlord management to take the strain out of being a landlord. From our years of experience in the industry, we understand that managing a property can be a real headache. That is why we offer an industry leading suite of options that allows you to delegate some, or most of the property management to us. This allows you ultimate flexibility and means that you can tailor the package to suit your needs.

So what are the benefits of landlord management:

  • Full range of marketing to ensure maximum visibility for prospective tenants

  • Vetting of the would-be tenant to ensure that they have a good credit history and can afford the rental payments

  • All of the administration taken care of, including referencing, tenancy paperwork, collection of monies and more

  • Collect and remit monthly payments, allowing you to not need to worry about having to collect the money yourself and be paid promptly every month

  • We can also chase non-payment, giving you peace of mind that even if the worst case scenario does happen, we give you the best chance of getting your money

  • Provide a point of contact for both you and the tenant and ensure a smooth flow of communication

Our services are designed to offer peace of mind to our landlords and is one of the reasons why our landlords choose to use our services year after year. We offer ultimate flexibility and peace of mind, so if you would like to discuss your specific requirements further please click here.


How we can help

In the current climate of poor returns from high street savings and the stock market, property investment remains an excellent way to invest your money. Property investment offers regular fixed returns for investors and the option for diversification for those who have other investments. Here at A.W. Childs we can assist you every step of the way, from viewing your first property, to handing the keys over to your first tenant, A.W. Childs offers an unbeatable service that can help you enjoy the fruits of your investment without the day to day hassle of managing the property. We make the process of becoming a landlord for the first time easy. So, for more information on our service contact us here.

Basquiat at the Barbican highlights the cultural importance of the area


Welcome to the first instalment of AW Childs’ blog posts that are focused on what’s going on in our local areas of the Barbican, Clerkenwell and Farringdon. We plan to create a regular post, so if you have any event that you want to promote then please get in touch here. As a community minded estate and lettings agent, we would love to hear from local charities and help in anyway that we can.


In today’s maiden edition we are going to look at the exhibition that has been a huge success at the world renowned Barbican Arts Centre. The Basquiat Boom for Real exhibition has showcased the work of famous downtown New York artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.


Basquiat was one of the 80’s most intriguing characters and was at one time in a relationship with fellow 80’s superstar Madonna. He was also a member of the infamous 27 club. The club is a group of superstars who all died at the age of 27 and includes the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain. Basquiat himself was something of a tortured star and died of a heroin overdose on August the 12th 1988.


Basquiat was a multifaceted superstar, not only one of the world’s most notable and exciting artists of his era, Basquiat was also a renowned poet, DJ and musician. Basquiat came back into the public eye in May 2017 when his untitled painting of a skull sold for $110.5 million at Sotheby’s in New York.


The exhibition at the Barbican Arts Centre displays over 100 works by the artist gathered from museums and private collections from across the globe and is on until the 29th of January 2018. Just before the exhibition began, famous unknown artist Banksy painted two murals at the Barbican centre. The artist verified that they were genuine on his Instagram account.


The exhibition runs from 21/9/17 until 28/1/18 and prices are £16 for a standard ticket with concessions available. Click here for tickets and more information.



The best reasons for outsourcing landlord management



If you are a landlord, you may be wondering if it might be better to outsource your property management. In this article, we look at some of the best reasons for outsourcing your landlord management to an estate agent. If your property is in Barbican, Clerkenwell or Farringdon, then we can help look after the landlord management of it.



The benefits of outsourcing landlord management


Everyone who has ever been a landlord will tell you that the management side can be a headache. There is so much to keep on top of and that is if everything is going well! Outsourcing allows you to outsource that headache to professionals. It allows you to be safe in the knowledge that your tenants have been properly vetted and that your property will remain compliant with all relevant rules and regulations. This peace of mind allows you to sit back and relax and enjoy the benefits of being a landlord without the drawbacks.




Money Barbican Clerkenwell Farringdon



What should I look for in an outsourced landlord management provider?


Our staff have many years of experience in the industry and have seen the very best of service and the worst. We know what good service looks like and obsesses over delivering it to our clients. Below is a list of points to look for in an outsourced landlord management provider:


  • Strong tenant vetting procedures – This is vital, tenants are a key part of the puzzle and vetting them is extremely important to get right. Our industry-leading techniques ensure that you get the right tenant for your property every time.


  • A bespoke service – Many companies offer tiered solutions that may not fit every type of property portfolio. Here at A W Childs we do away with tiered solutions and build every service around the particular client and their specific needs.


  • Good Availability – What use is an outsourced solution if you can never get hold of anybody? Here at A W Childs, we ensure that we are always there when you need us. We know the frustration of clients who cannot get hold of their agents and we work hard to ensure that this does not apply to us. Our clients are of the highest calibre and expect a good service, we do not let them down.



House keys Barbican Clerkenwell Farringdon


The A W Childs difference

1. Bespoke property management

You may have one property, you may have ten. No matter how many properties you own, A W Childs offer bespoke property management that is built around you and your specific needs. You may have been in the business for a while and are fed up with poor service, if so, let us take over the management of your property portfolio for more information click here.


Many other companies in the industry rely on a rigid service offering to cover a multitude of customers, we do not believe that system works for the needs of our clients. We tailor our services to match your specific requirements, ensuring that you always get the service that you need.


2. Tenants vetted properly

On your journey into becoming a landlord, or your experience of having a rental property, we are sure that you have heard many scare stories about tenants. With A W Childs you can put those fears to bed. We use industry leading tenant vetting techniques that ensure that the tenants who move into your property are of the highest standards.


Our landlords use us as they know that we have their interests at heart. We ensure that our landlords and tenants always have their needs catered to and we can facilitate a good relationship between the two. That good relationship is vital to long-term success and we ensure that both parties needs are taken care of.


3. Peace of mind

With fully outsourced landlord management from A W Childs, you will never be left to worry. Our years of industry experience mean that we have learned exactly how landlord management should be done. We have a range of customers, from international investors with large property portfolios, to landlords who are just starting out with a single property. They all trust A W Childs to deliver the right landlord management for them.


We can handle portfolios of all sizes, indeed our customers come in all shapes and sizes and our bespoke solutions mean that we have something to offer all of them. Our landlords and tenants trust us to deliver for them and we would love to add you to that list.


In conclusion: Outsourcing offers you peace of mind and security for a fair price. We promise to always put your interests first and ensure that you receive the high-class service that you deserve. We aim to build long-term relationships with our clients, and as such, we offer an unbeatable service for a reasonable price.


So if you have a property in Barbican, Clerkenwell or Farringdon and want to know more about our bespoke outsourced landlord management then please get in touch here. Our team will be happy to talk you through our bespoke solutions that work for you and your property.

Why moving to EC1 puts you at the heart of the capital


Here at AW Childs Estate and Letting agents, we obviously love the EC1 postcode area, it is our home and our main area of business. But why is the EC1 postcode quite so desirable? Here we investigate why you should consider moving to London’s most exclusive postcode and how we can help you to find property in Barbican, Clerkenwell & Farringdon.


City of London



London is one of the World’s most vibrant cities to live in. Consistently ranked highly in the World’s most visited cities, it has a history and culture like few others. With centuries of history, it is also one of the World’s oldest capital cities. Since the 1960’s the East side of London has seen a resurgence that has made it one of the most desirable places in the World to live.


A World-class cultural hub, London has something for everyone, whether it is culture or just being close to the City of London for work. In this article, we will look specifically at the heart of the City of London, the EC1 postcode. Treading the line between Central London’s entertainment district and its financial district. EC1 offers the best of both worlds to those who want to work hard and play hard.






The Barbican is one of London’s most iconic areas. An area that was totally decimated during the Second World War, the area was developed in the 1960’s to help accommodate London’s rapidly growing population. The area contains the iconic Barbican complex, a grade II listed structure that is a key part of Britain’s brutalist architecture collection.


As one of London’s oldest areas, Barbican has seen a resurgence and has been consistently improved upon since the 1960’s. Today it is a mixture of old and new and is one of Britain’s most intriguing Brutalist landscapes.


A sprawling urban metropolis, the Barbican is eclectic in its residential and commercial property. Home to many financial institutions as well as some essential cultural spaces such as The Barbican Arts Centre and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. The Barbican area has much to offer to potential residents.






Clerkenwell was part of London’s industrialist past, this is evident when you walk around the place. Today though the factories and derelict housing has been replaced with burgeoning nightlife and given rise to some of London’s finest gastropubs. With Smithfield’s market on its doorstep, Clerkenwell offers something a little different for those who are looking to live in an area that is on the rise.


Full of bohemian charm and a cutting-edge artisan scene, Clerkenwell is highly desirable for young professionals looking to live close to the action in one of London’s most exciting areas. Like the other areas on this list, Clerkenwell is very well connected to both the West End and the City of London and offers a have your cake and eat it scenario to those who wish to live there.







Like our other two main areas, Farringdon has plenty to offer in its own right, but it is also ideally located to quickly get to all of London’s best attractions.  With cultural icons such as Somerset House and Shakespeare’s Globe on your doorstep, Farringdon is paradise for culture vultures looking to live in the heart of the action.


Farringdon is also ideal for those who work in the City of London. Mere walking distance to the heart of London’s financial district, it is little wonder that Farringdon is one of London’s most sought-after places for those who are property hunting.


Soon to be connected to the East-West Crossrail route, Farringdon offers fantastic commuting possibilities as well as being easy to escape if you’re looking to get away for the weekend.


In conclusion


As you can see, EC1 is London’s most exclusive postcode. With a mix of stunning architecture, vibrant commerce and all of London’s potential on your doorstep, EC1 is the heart of the City of London and an ideal place to live and work. EC1’s has an eclectic spirit, there is something for everyone and it is ideally placed for those who work in the City of London.


For those who work in the City of London, you would be hard-pressed to find somewhere better to live. With short commutes and a whole host of World-class entertainment on your doorstep, EC1 is by far London’s most exclusive postcode, so why not make it your home?


How we can help


If you would like to take the plunge and move to the EC1 area, then check out our property for sale or rent in Barbican, Clerkenwell & Farringdon here.  We can also help landlords who are looking to let their property, please click here for more details. We offer full management facilities meaning that you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that your property is being looked after.


If you’re looking to sell your property we also offer sales, click here for a free, no-obligation valuation of your property. As local area experts, we can ensure that your property ends up in front of potential buyers who are looking for properties just like yours.