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City of london

Also known as The Square Mile, the City of London is the financial and business centre of London, even beating New York City to become the leading hub of global finances! In the medieval times, The City was London in its entirety, and even to this day The Square Mile’s boundaries have altered very little from when Londinium was the Roman capital.

As such, museums, galleries, the area archives and walking tours of the surrounding original architecture are popular in this historical location.

As well as its cultural background, this area of London is surrounded by world renowned businesses and buildings including The Royal Exchange, St Paul’s Cathedral and The Bank of England and naturally, with such a vibrant, buzzing area, the shops, cafes, restaurants and bars were sure to follow.

The social hotspots of the area are design to impress their clientele and as such, the prices are high but the quality is generally flawless and ideal for after work socialising or important business meetings. One of the most noteworthy bars and restaurants in the City is Vertigo 42, which is situated on the 42nd floor of the Natwest tower and overlooking the Gherkin and the London Eye. Chic and elegant, your can feast on champagne and oysters whilst surveying the stunning view.